Stephen King’s On Writing Challenge Pt 5

The following is the first draft of a story that is part of Stephen King’s writing challenge.  He asked readers of his book ‘On Writing’ to do this as an assignment. Here is my version. I am sure I will change some parts as I finish the story and begin the revision.

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Part V


BANG! BANG! Jane stepped back, red blood splattered out of her blouse, her mouth open. The deafening cracks shocked Dick.

Jane screamed in pain. “Ahhhhhh! Errk. It hurts!” The ax fell by her side, more blood poured out of her. All Dick could think was aren’t you suppose to die.

She continued to scream in pain. Dick didn’t know who had shot her from behind him. Perhaps it was the Police. But right now he couldn’t help but anguish over Jane’s pain no matter how crazy she is, and gawd she’s was going to kill me!

“Who’s there?” he finally croaked. Shouldn’t the police identify themselves. Jane kept wailing her eyes tearing, she looked in as much shock as he felt.

BANG! The wailing stopped and she fell to the ground with a thud. The crack of the gunshot was almost near his head and it deafened him again.

“It’s all right Poopskie, I am here to protect you.” Said a very familiar feminine voice. She moved around and stood in front of him. All blond and beautiful, Sandra Tyson stood over him in her red flower dress, holding a some compact handgun, it’s metal glinting in the low light from above him. “It’s all over honey. I called the police. I knew that bitch was going to come after you once I heard the news.”

She bent over and gave him a kiss. His arms still tied. He felt the passion in her kiss. The passion he had felt many times before. His mind reeled he had to think again. “It still still seems like a blur how me meet, honey.”

“Yeah it was, wasn’t it? I mean I married when was young and it didn’t turn out well. I decided to take control of my life and changed my hair even though I kept the last name Valdez. Then I met you at the dealership. When Jane attacked me I realized there was something special about you. That was when I knew. Then you called me. Ahh.” She pulled back a strand of gold hair and looked back down at him.

So I went after you. Oh my Poopskie. You are so innocent.” She put her hand on his face caressing him and he almost flinched he never knew if she was going to hit him or not. It excited her when she abused him. He felt a drip of cold sweat on his forehead.

She wiped the sweat. “Then our little secret meetings. I changed my name back and you convinced me that being a natural blonde was good thing.” She smiled. “But Jane had her hooks, and I had to make sure those hooks were removed.”

“I mean dear, you don’t know the trouble I had to forge your signature at the fertility clinic to get our baby inseminated in Jane. It was good thing my Uncle Dr Franklin was so kind to help. You know the private investigators almost got a hold of the records. I had to burn them.” She put her left finger knuckle to her mouth as if thinking. It was one of things that Dick found sexy about her.

“Anyways, I was so glad she carried her to term. Then you got me pregnant again during her pregnancy.” She grabbed his check and squeezed it. “Hah, you are such a fertile man!” She laughed and then slapped him hard. The pain and the blood on his face splattered. Everything turned white for second. He looked back at her. Her eyes glinted with excitement, her bosom heaved under her dressed, she had a curve on her smile and she placed her hand on his chest.

It finally clicked in Dick’s mind that Jane was not as crazy as he thought. In fact the crazy one was standing right of him with a gun.

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